Salty Six Pack

Looking for the perfect gift?  This salami variety pack offers a great selection of Salty Pork Bits.  *Retail clothing items not included.

Lamb Sujuk
A lamb salami with warm Middle Eastern spices.

An unconventional pork salami infused with the flavors of a classic negroni, Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth, Campari, orange zest, and juniper.

A French-style pork salami with caramelized onion, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, and pig’s blood.

Marinated Olive
An original pork salami made with preserved lemon, roasted garlic, and a trio of olives- oil-cured, Castelvetrano, and Manzanilla.

An Italian-style pork salami made with paprika, cayenne, fennel, and red wine

A rich Italian pork salami made with red wine and black peppercorn.


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    -Salami varieties are subject to change based on availability. Some salamis may be substituted with alternate flavors during periods of high order volume.