Salty Six Pack

Looking for the perfect gift?  This salami variety pack offers a great selection of Salty Pork Bits.  *Retail clothing items not included.

pork salami with paprika, cayenne, fennel, allspice, red wine

pork salami with sweet and hot smoked paprika

Leek Ash and Porcini
pork salami with leek ask, porcini mushroom and port

Iberian Pepper 
pork salami with fermented Iberian peppers

Hazelnut (*NUT allergen)
pork salami with hazelnut, bourbon, dried cherries

pork salami with vermouth, Campari, orange zest and juniper

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    -Salami varieties are subject to change based on availability. Some salamis may be substituted with alternate flavors during periods of high order volume.