Spanish Gems

A four-pack of our favorite Spanish salami is made entirely from American Iberico pigs raised at Iberian Pastures in Bluffton, GA. One hundred percent purebred American Iberico pigs are raised up to one year of age and finished on pecans, peanuts and sunflower.  This combination of pastured grazing movement and a high oleic fat diet rich in omega-9 creates the ultimate marbling and fat profile. 

pork salami with sweet and hot smoked paprika

garlic, white wine and black pepper

Padrón Pepper
padrón pepper and black pepper with parsley and cilantro

Morcilla Achorizada
pork salami with blood, baking spices, espelette and onion 


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    -Salami varieties are subject to change based on availability. Some salamis may be substituted with alternate flavors during periods of high order volume.


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